Project and finishing


The architectural design proceeds from the principle of functionalism, is laconic and logical. The registered immovable at the address 9 Uuslinna will have four 5-storeyd dwelling buildings which are connected with each other with an underground garage. All the apartments have large balconies and the apartments of the highest storeys have roof terraces too. A joint garage will be built under the apartment building; the entry will be in the south-west side of the registered immovable. Storage rooms for all apartments have also been planned into the garage. The basements are of cast-on-site concrete. Under the walls there is strip basement; under the posts there are separate post basements. The bearing constructions between the inserted ceiling and roof ceiling of the apartment building are the hollow elements of reinforced concrete that rest on the bearing walls. The roof is covered with SBS roll material. The outer walls consist of three-layer insulated outer wall panels of 380 mm (so-called sandwich panels). The bearing inner walls are prefabricated walls of reinforced concrete with the thickness of 200 mm. The non-load-bearing inner walls between the apartments will be built of 300 mm light elements. The non-load-bearing partitions of apartments are the light walls of gypsum plasterboard on steel structure.

The contractor is Azelta Projekt OÜ.

korterrmja-vannituba-3foier-12.jpg    korterrmja-vannituba-3foier-12.jpg