Uuslinna housing development

If your home has to support modern and comfortable lifestyle, the Uuslinna Housing Development is one of the best opportunities to live in a place where everything you need in contemporary city environment is near and easily usable. High-quality dwelling space, diverse facilities of transport and free time as well as the neighbourhood of the historical Kadrioru Park make the housing development in this area of the capital a unique one among other development projects.

When choosing the location of the Uuslinna development project, those people had been in mind whose lifestyle is active and healthy and who are interested in culture. So there are several cultural objects near the housing development such as KUMU – the Art Museum of Estonia, the Song Festival Grounds which symbolises our centuries-old singing traditions, a very versatile Kadrioru Park and the Baltic Sea that is only at the distance of a walk from the Kadrioru Park. The renewed Pae Park with its playgrounds and cycle and pedestrian tracks designed for walking and sport is also not far.

Uuslinna is also characterised by a very good logistic location – the dwellers do not have to waste time on getting from home to work, shops, city centre or out of the city. The nearness of public transport enables to use all the opportunities of public transport that are free of charge for the residents, and by car it is possible to get, for example, to the city centre  in three minutes. It takes only a few minutes more to get to Tallinn Airport or Järvevana Road.

At the same time, the housing development is rather remote from the main traffic so that between the houses it is possible to walk securely and the children can play in the playgrounds of the courtyard area.

The five-storied houses of the Uuslinna Housing Development will be built from present-day high-quality construction materials so that the buyers of apartments would be pleased of their investments also after decades. The aim of the developer is to offer the building quality which is characteristic to the exceptional dwellings of the city centre but which would have affordable price for buyers.

It should be specially stressed that the inner decoration of houses will be of high quality, with exceptional foyer solutions and long-lasting materials. Lots of apartments have the view on the greenery of the Kadrioru Park and the sea. Each apartment has a spacious balcony. The apartments of the fifth floors have roof terraces from where one can have a wonderful view on the surroundings.

Car owners will surely like the enclosed underground parking lot from where it is possible to get by elevator to the door of your apartment.

The best specialists are involved in the Uuslinna development project and therefore we are convinced that we will be able to offer the environment that answers to the demands of the contemporary city life.

The most essential information of the project in short:

  • Very good location for those who appreciate modern lifestyle;
  • Excellent possibilities to spend free time in the neighbourhood;
  • Good logistic location enables to save time and money;
  • Secure dwelling environment;
  • High construction quality;
  • Good parking facilities.